Friday, September 10, 2010

Reseau Freediom Network/ Quebec Freedom Network and Peladeau?

I guess even bad press is good publicity. Apparently I am a libertarian and I am in Peladeau's pocket. I can tell this journalist, that Mr. Peladeau has not given us one dollar. It is also funny to note that Seguin calls Peladeau a right wing ideolgue. This article just proves left wing bias in the media. Look at the lefties Seguin chose to talk about the Quebec Freedom network. If we had all this money from busines, things would have been a lot easier. For the record I oppose spending public money on NHL teams. It is great that the lefties like Francoise david think we are important enough to attack. At least people are paying attention. We are the Quebec freedom network , hear us roar.

They call themselves Réseau Liberté Québec, or the Quebec Freedom Network, and could be considered Quebec’s version of the right-wing populist Tea Party in the United States.

Each of the six founding members has put up $500 to rent a hall in a Quebec City hotel for the group’s first major gathering on Oct. 23. Donations are coming in and the group hopes to attract more than 200 people at $25 a head, believing the fledgling effort will grow into a grassroots right-wing movement.

“This will be a place for the right to come together,” said founding member Joanne Marcotte, whose documentary L’illusion tranquille criticized Quebec’s welfare state. “People with right-wing views can’t express themselves, they have nowhere to meet and are dispersed. This will be an opportunity to create a movement.”

Register for our event and come to the fundraising cocktail. Mr Peladeau hasn't given us any money ( though we would most grateful if he did) but you can. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

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