Thursday, September 16, 2010

Quebec grits and the ethnic vote

Others have said it before because of the yes /no debate, most Quebec anglos and allophones vote grit in large numbers. Inspite of this fact the Quebec government totally ignores these groups. The ADQ is not interested in endless referendums. It has a solid center right platform. Anglos and Allophones should consider this option. The grits need to be reminded not to take people for granted. At this point these communities are the hostage of jean charest and his grits.

And it might not be a coincidence, either, that in general elections since Charest became premier, the decline in turnout in non-francophone Liberal seats has been significantly greater than average.

In some ridings, such as D'Arcy-McGee, Mont-Royal and Westmount-Saint-Louis, the participation rates declined at up to twice the province-wide rate between the 2003 and 2008 general elections.

This period has seen repeated betrayals and insults of non-francophone voters by Charest and his government, including the rigged demerger process led by Fournier as municipal affairs minister and the snubs to the English school board chairs.

To its non-francophone captive supporters, the Quebec Liberal Party has become little more than a legal, political racket offering them protection against the election of a Parti Quebecois government, and watered-down versions of PQ policies.

That, and money from affluent, self-interested contributors expecting access and favours in return, now appear to be mainly what's holding the QLP together.

More non-francophones are refusing to pay up in votes. Happily for Charest's Soprano-like crew, however, the PQ remains a serious enough threat to keep the rest sending Liberals like Fournier to the Assembly.


Anonymous said...

It puts to rest the meme that the Quebecois are so astute about politics compared to the ROC. Most Allo/Anglo/phones are worse than the Separatists because they are just flat out appeasers.

There doesn’t seem to be a workable strategy going on here. What Quebec needs is Reform. In fact the whole Western world needs that because progressive entitlements are failing due to demographics and global competition for all goods and services except perhaps plumbers. They seem to be busy.


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