Monday, September 13, 2010

The Oilsands are good for Canada and the United States

A great piece by Lorrie Goldstein defending the oilsands and bashing pseudo chretien.
Drop the oilsands guilt trip: Goldstein
Canada's not evil for its energy production, it's resourceful - just like the U.S.

It’s time to wean ourselves off a persistent and stupid idea regarding global warming.

That is the ridiculous argument constantly made by environmentalists at home and abroad that, here in Canada, we are living in a state of original sin because of our development of the oilsands and failure to implement the Kyoto accord.

Guilt-tripping Alberta specifically, and Canada generally, over the oilsands is absurd.

Every nation on Earth develops, uses, and if it’s lucky, exports the energy resources most readily available to it.

Geography is not morality.

Canada is developing the oilsands for the same reason the U.S. — the “Saudi Arabia of coal” according to Barack Obama — relies on the dirtiest of the fossil fuels to generate half its electricity.

Why? Because it has huge coal reserves.

By contrast, half of our electricity is generated by cleaner hydro power, which we have developed not because we are morally superior to the Americans, but because we have the necessary water resources.

U.S. politicians who come here to cross-examine us about the oilsands — Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi being the latest — or who attack its so-called “dirty oil” from the U.S., are hypocrites.

Let them worry, instead, about the greenhouse gas emissions caused by coal-powered electricity generation in the U.S. — 50 to 70 times greater than those generated by the oilsands.


Jen said...

And the media and the environmentalist say.....nothing to Lorrie Goldstein's findings.

The environmentalists and the left media and the opposition parties will continue bashing Alberta because PMSH lives here that all.

If the OIL SANDS was located in Quebec or Ontario or Maritimes, do you really think that the environmentalists; the opposition parties and the media will be all over those provinces and premieres or for that matter insult them while overseas like it was done to Alberta, in Copenhagen? Not a chance in hell.

Again, it all has to do because the CONSERVATIVE PM lives here.

Anonymous said...

Who stands to gain if they can tarnish Alberta's oil?

Alberta's competition who sells what should be much more controversial oil, that's who.

Who funds all these groups who attack the oil sands but ignore the human rights abuses and environmental disasters of other oil suppliers?

Anonymous said...

These environomentaists, Greenpeace, David Suzuki etc. are they really any different from us? Do they have toilets that use less water. Do they really keep the lights down low, do they recycle, use the same thing again, do they drive or take public transit. I'll bet David Suzuki has a driver's license. It's a situation of "do as
I say, not as I do."

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