Thursday, September 30, 2010

News from clarington

 More developments for my friends the Jaworskis. Glad to see they and the LSS are getting support from all over the place. The Liberty Summer Seminar is a great event and the Jaworskis are wonderful people. They had their court date postponed and no disclosure yet!
I have suggested before that the local politicians ,especially mayor abernethy, should help and if they don't they should be defeated at the polls.
Sounds like abernethy has a lot of competition. abernethy must go. The LSS must stay!!!

Over the last few days, I’ve spoken with all of the non-incumbent candidates for mayor. While their commitment to working something out with my mom and dad differs a little, all three of the non-incumbents were supportive, and promised to figure something out to either end the court proceedings against my mom and dad, or to come up with a solution that would permit the continuation of the Liberty Summer Seminar.
Jeremy Woodcock came out in person to our court trial yesterday, so I finally got an opportunity to speak with him face to face. His support for my mom and dad and the Liberty Summer Seminar is unequivocal. Since my dad brought the “Save the Liberty Summer Seminar” petition with him, Jeremy went ahead and signed it again...

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Thanks for the update. This is important.

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