Friday, September 10, 2010

Murder of Iraqi Christians

I feel a close kinship with the Christians of Iraq. St Thomas visited what is now Iraq before he came to Kerala in the the first century. I marvel how the world goes crazy over potentially burning a Koran by a moronic marginal preacher and ignores the wholescale persecution and murder of Christians in Muslim lands.


been around the block said...

The real issue here, Dr. Roy, is the out-of-control Muslims and their reaction to a two-bit pastor's THREAT to burn ONE Koran. A video on CTV last night showed Muslims burning an American flag. Where was the outrage over THAT, an actual violation of good will and decency?

I didn't hear any outrage from any of our leaders about that.

Why is it always we in the West who need to show "tolerance" and good will, whereas Muslims can go ballistic, go on a rampage, burn, pillage, and murder because of "an offence" to them, and somehow, they're the victims?

I sense that we're at a turning point. There is a lot of genuine and justly provoked anger in the West about this double standard which always demands that Westerners grovel and pull back, whereas Muslims are, somehow, "permitted" to continue in their infantile temper tantrums and worse with no consequences.

I am angry that Prime Minister Harper and his Defense Minister, Peter MacKay, acquiesced to the unreasonable Muslim threats, asking US to "do the right thing" -- or, if the Muslim street erupted, the fault was ours.

ENOUGH, ALREADY. It's time to take back our Western civilization. Where's Winston Churchill when you need him?

Jeff said...

I sense a turning point too. Bill O'Reilly challenged Saudi Arabia this week in his Talking Points Memo saying that tolerance goes both ways. He was referring the GZ mosque and those Muslims who insist allowing the mosque is an issue of religious tolerance. Indeed, where are churches allowed allowed in Saudi Arabia?

And honestly, just how much longer can the moral equivalence crowd keep insisting that Muslim violence is legitimate religious expression?

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