Thursday, September 09, 2010

More unbridled nonsesnse from big brother in clarington

 The clarington story gets ever more weird. The bylaw officer involded in persecuting the Jaworskis seems to be drunk with power.
 The charges need to be dropped againstthe Jaworskis and this officer needs to be investigated. One wonders how these kind of petty bureaucrat behaves without the eyes of the world looking at him.

When Tom Vendrasco, the bylaw officer dealing with our case, frightened my mother by saying “be careful” and then “be very careful,” he added that my mother should “talk to John Mutton.”

John Mutton is the former mayor of Clarington. He runs Municipal Solutions, a company that helps people like my parents navigate through red tape. We hired Mutton as a consultant in our dealings with the municipality of Clarington.

I suppose they must have been close for the bylaw officer to make that suggestion. And it would help explain why Vendrasco would send our consultant an email that Mutton describes as “threatening”.

What prompted the bylaw officer to send our consultant an email?...


Anonymous said...

Watch this story carefully folks; this is what we are all in for if the statists (liberals) regain power. More petty bureaucrats to enforce bureaucratic nonsense, more government intrusions into our lives, no accountability. Be afraid...very afraid.
Personally, if some sniveling little creep intruded into my life I'd beat him to a pulp and take the consequences.

Patrick Ross said...

I concur. This bylaw officer seems like a real buffoon, and needs to find a new line of work: like shopping mall rent-a-cop.

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