Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More trouble for charest and the grits

The grits in Quebec have been successfully attacking Marc Bellmare ( the grit apointed Justice Minister). Unfortunately for charest and the grits there is corroboration. charest is still doing very badly in the polls. I will never vote for the socialist pq, so the logical alternative is the center right ADQ. It's time for a new broom to sweep clean.

After the Liberals came to power in April 2003, Mr. Lalande was named an associate deputy minister in the Justice Department, responsible for overseeing reforms to the province’s administrative tribunals. It was in that capacity that he would regularly meet Franco Fava, a major Liberal fundraiser who was also plugged in with the provincial workers’ compensation board.

In his agenda for July 8, 2003, Mr. Lalande noted a lunch with Mr. Fava at the latter’s preferred Quebec City restaurant, Michelangelo. He wrote a detailed account of Mr. Fava’s grievances: “Marc Bellemare does not understand that we need to appoint our friends, in Justice just like everywhere else. They’re beating down the doors after nine years in opposition.” Mr. Fava complained that Mr. Bellemare insisted on stubbornly playing the straight arrow.

Mr. Lalande testified that Mr. Fava mentioned the fact that he raised $1-million a year for the provincial Liberal party. He said Mr. Fava was prepared to allow Mr. Bellemare to make “a few nominations,” including the chief judge of Quebec Court and one or two others. But Mr. Fava wanted a say in other nominations to the court and to other tribunals. He said he met regularly with Chantal Landry, who was in charge of political nominations in Mr. Charest’s office, to discuss lists of appointees.

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