Sunday, September 05, 2010

More Reseau Quebec Liberte/ Quebec Freedom Network

Here is the record of Eric and I on Tommy Schnurmacher's Show on CJAD. Listen here.

Also we were in the Red Star.

Quebec’s ‘Tea Party’ is born
Andrew Chung
Quebec Bureau

MONTREAL—He’s not Glenn Beck, the bombastic archconservative Fox News broadcaster who is prone to spontaneously crying on TV and currently a hero of the American right alongside former Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

But Eric Duhaime may just be as audacious in pushing forward a plan to bring fed-up Quebec conservatives together in a new network that happens to share more than a few values with the ascendant Tea Party movement in the U.S., of which Beck and the self-dubbed “Mama Grizzly” Palin are the best-known faces.

I'm not totally happy being called Quebec's Tea Party, but it is coverage.

Come register for the conference follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

And to do it, no less, in the province widely considered the most left-wing in Canada.

In launching this week their Réseau Liberté-Québec (RLQ) — the Quebec Freedom Network — Duhaime and five other founders assure they’re not building a new party but rather promoting values they say are sorely under-represented here.

They want smaller government, balanced budgets, free markets and a strong focus on individual liberties.


Anonymous said...

The Poutine Party is my choice.

Anonymous said...

Bring back Mario (Dumont)!

Louise said...

Good luck gentlemen. I hope it spreads.

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