Wednesday, September 29, 2010

more hrc insanity

Another reason to abolish hrcs. This is breathtakingly arrogant. What other powers do the thought police believe they have? Mediocre minds making up law as they go along. Professor Moon has defended these hrcs and it has come back to bite him in the butt. I have spoken to a number of lawyer friends, none of who thought the hrc could ever dream of appointing a law school dean. This is madness. Ezra is right. Fire them all

The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario says it has the power to both remove and appoint university deans, according to a new ruling in the case of a woman who claims racism and sexism were behind her rejection as Dean of Law at the University of Windsor.

Professor Emily Carasco alleges a colleague “sabotaged” her candidacy last spring by raising historical allegations of plagiarism with the search committee, and as part of her human rights complaint, she asked the tribunal to over-rule the school and appoint her dean.

Both Prof. Carasco and another candidate were rejected for the position, and so the outgoing dean has agreed to stay through this academic year, and a new search committee is currently at work.

The complaint of discrimination — against both the school and the colleague, constitutional law expert Richard Moon — remains undecided, but in an interim ruling on Tuesday, the tribunal refused Prof. Carasco’s unusual request for an order stopping that new search and appointing her dean of law for a five-year, renewable term.

The refusal, however, was premised on the tribunal’s ability to someday remove any future dean and install Prof. Carasco, if it decides she was the victim of discrimination.


Anonymous said...

Well, perhaps having the HRC's make moves in those 'halls of learning', will wake some of them up.

One can only hope.

Fire them all! Yesterday!

Anonymous said...

Many of us know that the academic world is the most discriminatory of them all. (real conservative)

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