Friday, September 03, 2010

More Coverage of Reseau Liberte Quebec/ Quebec Freedom Network

We continue to have great coverage of RLQ. Eric Duhaime and I were on Tommy Schnurmacher on CJAD. The National Post and gave us good coverage as well. I am quoted in the story. The Canada.Com article should be picked up across Canada. It is already in the Montreal Gazette.

OTTAWA — A group of six Quebecers is trying to start a conservative-libertarian movement in the province that they hope will redefine Quebec nationalism — without including sovereignty.

The Quebec Freedom Network's six founders live across the province and have all been active in political conservative circles.

The group's first course of action is a daylong conference in Quebec City at the end of October which they hope will unite the province's political right.

Co-founder Dr. Roy Eappen, 49, likened the group to the Manning Centre, another conservative organization headed by Reform Party founder Preston Manning.

On its website the centre claims to "identify, develop, and support political entrepreneurs who can advance our common vision of a free and democratic Canada."

Please register for the conference, join us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. More surprises to come.

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