Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lorrie Goldstein on corruption in Quebec. Buying Quebec's affection with money and programs has not worked and has ramped up this bribery throughout the Dominion.

The problem with bribes is they don’t just corrupt the bribee. They corrupt the briber as well.

That’s being overlooked in the latest phony, only-in-Canada “controversy” over the Maclean’s cover story describing Quebec as Canada’s most corrupt province.

All the usual suspects in Quebec and Ottawa — provincial and federal politicians of all stripes, both separatist and federalist — predictably have their shorts in a knot over Maclean’s stating what everybody already knows, including inside Quebec.

That is, while there’s corruption in every province, Quebec really is different. That’s because the constant bidding war between federalists and separatists for the affection of Quebecers, using federal tax money, fuels a unique degree of corruption inside Quebec.

But that doesn’t just corrupt Quebec. It corrupts the rest of Canada, too.

Indeed, the most infamous recent case of corruption in Quebec — the “federal” sponsorship scandal — originated in Ottawa.

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