Saturday, September 04, 2010

Liberty in Canada?

My friend Karen Selick of the Canadian Constitution Foundation has an excellent article on how our judges are contributing to the power of the nanny state and crushing our freedoms. Given the actions of the burghers of clarington against the Jaworskis, she is quite right. Freedom is a Canadian value, perhaps our judges should read Fearful Symmetry to be reminded of this fundamental fact.

Liberty in Canada? Don't count on it


Widespread ridicule from abroad has apparently caused the Iranian government to back down on outlawing certain hairstyles for men -ponytails, for instance.

Nevertheless, Iranians have been subject to grooming and dress codes for decades. This summer, Iranian police have been arresting women for such heinous offences as wearing too much lipstick or sporting sun tans. Barber shops have been ordered by police not to pluck men's eyebrows.

Do the people of Iran enjoy liberty? Most Canadians, upon hearing of these bizarre rules, would respond with a resounding "No!" Such regimentation, enforced by law, spells full-fledged authoritarianism to us -the very antithesis of liberty.


Anonymous said...

so you think we are free in canada. have a gun? how many laws and regulations apply? is that real freedom? own a house? how many laws and regulations apply? is that real freedom? own a car? well, you must get my point. canadians are far from free. speech is restricted. business is restricted. the only really free person in this country is a street person. the police and the state leave them alone. they can't even be forced into the warmth for their own protection.

Anonymous said...

The Canadian public has been brainwashed by the constant litany from the left wing, politically correct social engineers about how free this country is. It's like the constant refrain about how our health care system is the best in the world. The evidence is there to discredit these lies, but so long as the public is willing to be placated by soothing words. If everyone would step back and take a look at how many intrusive rules, regulations and 'thou shalt not' injunctions have been placed on us during their lifetimes perhaps we would all realize that we are being sold a bill of goods that don't meet the product we have received.

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