Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Kory Teneycke

I saw the very surprising news that Kory is leaving Sun News TV. Kory is an amazing, very intelligent guy and I have no doubt he will succeed in whatever he does. I am not that happy that he is leaving SunTv News, but I am sure he knows what is best. I wish my friend Kory only good things for him and his family. I must say this does make a bit less enthusiastic about the project, which I am assured will continue under the capable guidance of Luc Lavoie.

OTTAWA — Kory Teneycke, the mastermind behind Sun TV News Channel, has resigned.

Mr. Teneycke, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s former director of communications, said Wednesday he decided to resign because it had become clear his involvement in Sun TV would only “inflame” the controversy over the channel, dubbed “Fox News North” by its critics.

here is the Press release

Quebecor Media Inc. Announces the Departure of Mr. Kory Teneycke, Vice President, Development

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, Sep 15, 2010 (MARKETWIRE via COMTEX) -- Quebecor Media Inc. announces the departure of Mr. Kory Teneycke, Vice President, Development.

"We would like to thank Kory for the excellent work he has performed for our company, and we wish him the best of luck in his future endeavours", declared Mr. Pierre Karl Peladeau, President and CEO of Quebecor Inc. and Quebecor Media Inc.

Continuing development efforts related to the Sun TV News file will now be the responsibility of Mr. Luc Lavoie.

Quebecor Media

Quebecor Media Inc. is a subsidiary of Quebecor Inc. /quotes/comstock/11t!qbr.a (CA:QBR.A 35.51, 0.00, 0.00%) /quotes/comstock/11t!e:qbr.b (CA:QBR.B 35.25, -0.30, -0.84%) , a communications company with operations in North America, Europe and Asia. Quebecor Media owns operating companies in numerous media-related businesses: Videotron Ltd., the largest cable company in Quebec and a leading provider of Internet access, telephone and business telecommunications services; Sun Media Corporation, the largest publisher of newspapers in Canada; TVA Group Inc., operator of the largest French-language over-the-air television network in Quebec, a number of specialty channels, and the English-language over-the-air station Sun TV;, a network of English- and French-language Internet properties in Canada; Quebecor Media Network, a printer and distributor of advertising flyers; Nurun Inc., a major interactive technologies and communications agency with offices in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia; magazine publisher TVA Publishing Inc.; book publishers and distributors Sogides Group Inc. and CEC Publishing Inc.; Archambault Group Inc. and TVA Films, companies engaged in the production, distribution and retailing of cultural products; Le SuperClub Videotron ltee, a DVD and console game rental and retail chain; and Quebecor MediaPages, publisher of print and online directories.

J. Serge Sasseville
Vice President, Corporate and Institutional Affairs
Quebecor Media Inc.

Of course lefty kady reports the reaction of the American soros backed website. The left only goes ape about Americans involved in canadian politics if a conservative is involved. They support freedom of speech for whatever lefty loon they can find.


Anonymous said...

Another unemployed conbot.

It's a good day

wilson said...

Yes anon, it's a good day for Liberals and their media,

the ever so tolerant left, welcomes with open arms, Al Jazzerre (sp? don't care) and uses everything they have got to crush a Canadian conservative tv station.

75% of Canadians do not vote Liberal,
and deserve to not be force fed Liberalvision.

Jen said...

CBC surrenders to SOROS WHIMS. Imagine the CBC obeys SOROS an american. It is Soros who celebrates his accomplishments over CBC.

Soros tried to bring down america's FOXMEDIA but could not- and for that try- millions of more americans tune in to FOX MEDIA.
The same will happen with SUN TV- They will succeed because there are americans out there who know the danger behind SOROS plans to the canadian national media to warrant a warning from them.
Now you know why CBC and CTC have not worked for Canada.

Owner and Doggy said...

Avaaz is a people-run international organisation. It has people all around the world. It is as much Canadian as it is American. In fact, the co-founder and executive officer is Canadian himself and Avaaz is the largest online activist community in Canada.

Besides, I see that you haven't been mad at the NRA for getting involved in the gun registry debate in Canada.

Anonymous said...

Yes Wilson, there is absolutely no difference between Al-Jazerra who did all the proper steps to be allowed on the airwaves and FoxNewsNorth that wanted to be force-fed to Canadians...
You'd think that the Connies were afraid of the free-market...

been around the block said...

Owner and Doggy: Go for a walk, will ya'?

"[Avaaz] is as much Canadian as it is American."


George Soros and American dollars are behind this group that does what it can to destabilize and derail c/Conservative aspirations around the world -- or any other aspirations with which it disagrees.

Ricken Patel is a Soros patsy. Too bad he is Canadian. ('Wonder what he gets paid? 'Wonder why Evan Soloman had to interview him from NOO YAWK yesterday?) He and Soros are not in any way interested in Canadians' Charter rights of freedom of expression or freedom of speech. Their agenda is to stifle speech and expression that doesn't come from the liberal left, as evidenced by their Avaaz petition signed, ironically, by Peggy Atwood, the VP of International PEN, a group which fights for free speech for authors around the world.

How anyone who truly believes in "tolerance," "equality," "openness," and "diversity," can defend this Avaaz petition, which defends the Charter rights of only Canadians on the left-lib side of the political spectrum while trampling on the rights of c/Conservative Canadians is utterly beyond me.

Democracy includes citizens of all political persuasions and if it doesn't, if there is a group that actively works against this ideal, then democracy is at risk. Avaaz puts our Canadian democracy at risk, as it promotes its free-speech-for-me-but-not-for-thee activist agenda.

George Soros's is far scarier than SunTV. George Soros's is anti-democratic in its attempts to interfere with Canadians' rights to see and hear an alternative viewpoint from what's available in the largely left-leaning Canadian MSM today.

But you wouldn't expect the entitled, blinkered, and illiberal activists to understand this. They only understand their point of view, they think that only their point of view is acceptable, and they'll do whatever they can to make sure that a widening of the public debate in Canada never happens.

wilson said...

Avaaz put out a junk petition,
non-secure, riddled with mistakes (Suncor instead of Sun TV) and with accusations from a has been Liberal reporter, from anonymous sources.

All of the accused have denied Martin's accusations, in writing.

I hope this does end up in court,
and Martin and the American billion are exposed for the pathetic hate mongers they are.

been around the block said...

'Talk now of Soros and Atwood suing because they've been defamed.

EXCUSE ME? Didn't they defame the Canadian government and our Prime Minister when they accused them of "interference" in the CRTC vetting process, something which von Finkenstein has hotly denied?

These entitled and arrogant tyrants are wannabe Stalinists whose job is to cleanse Canada of any and all opinions on the right -- and if they can't do it using big bucks and the Avaaz petition, they'll use our courts.

How tolerant, open, and diverse of them.