Friday, September 10, 2010

The King's Speech

I attended the North American premiere of this wonderful movie at TIFF. It is the story of HLIM King George VI and his speech therapist. It was a great film with Colin Firth as HM, Geoffrey Rush as the speech therapist and Helena Bonham Carter as HLIM Queen Elizabeth. HLIM George VI had a terrible stammer The story was compelling, the acting superb. Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Tom Hopper all attended
the premier and received a standing ovation for their great performances. This film should win a lot of awards. The writer of the film was also in attendance. He was also a stutterer and HLIM was an inspiration for him. He promised the Queen Mother that he would not write about this in her lifetime. You really must see this film.

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Hoarfrost said...

I really enjoy your special salutes to the Monarchy.

I was born in Toronto as a British Subject and as a Canadian Citizen but a Liberal act of Parliament (or something) denied me my status as a British Subject.

I remember in my elementary Catholic school singing "God Save The King" one day then singing "God Save The Queen" the next day. That was our non partisan guarantee of continuation of government. Charles is too partisan for my liking but a King William may be good for the commonwealth and Canada.

I Support Lord Black