Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jonathan Kay on the vile heather mallick

heather mallick is a vile human being with a foul mouth and a polluted mind. When criticized she plays the race card or cries some feminist clap trap.
She continually plays the victim. She is weak and pathetic. When her arguments are destroyed she cries that opeople are mean to her.
Jonathan Kay calls her out for the latest feacl material that has left her brain. I suspect even the red star will have to fire her. before she attacks me, I weill have to inform her that I was born in India, so her race hustling will mean nothing to me. Not sure why this vile witch still lives in canad. She hates canad so very much. Well heather many Canadians reciprocate those feelings. Perhaps you should move to Noryh Korea. You would feel right at home there.
Jonathan Kay on Heather Mallick’s bizarre obsession with feminist self-pity and bad sex

Several people have emailed me a link to Heather Mallick’s column about Rob Ford in today’s Toronto Star, claiming that it’s her most disgusting piece of writing ever. I’ll admit that there’s a strong argument for this: Mallick’s column is based around the idea that voting in Rob Ford as Toronto’s mayor would somehow be akin to a desperate female bar-fly having a blind-drunk one-night stand with an oaf she meets at closing time. Much of the column is composed of a sort of reverie in which Mallick describes this hypothetical drunken episode. She gets back to Ford in the last few paragraphs, but it feels tacked on.

For those keeping track at home, Mallick already has flamed out of a few media outlets. She had gigs at the Globe & Mail and the CBC, writing more or less this same awkward mix of left-wing politics and TMI personal reflection. She also has written for Britain’s Guardian — a prestigious perch that this great patriot has used to denounce her own country as a despicable hell hole. She whines constantly — both in her column and in real life. During the only substantial conversation I ever had with her, she lamented to me that Globe & Mail readers didn’t deserve her because they couldn’t understand how “a socialist could like to have beautiful things.”


Anonymous said...

How about that Toronto Star journalist on Contact last night who slandered all Ford possible voters as people not understanding anything about policy, but just wanting revenge.

Anonymous said...

What is sadder still is that Heather writes this article as if it is biographical. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

I was left with the impression that she was once in a serious relationship where the guy cheated on her regularly.

She is a bitter unhappy woman.

Jen said...

She most probably talking about herself and CBC.

Both are vile and hate the conservatives.

Rich said...

More to the question why this ignoramus not taken to task by the managing editor of the toronto star.
who are the ones who have to held accountable for her clap trap. Ultimately the buck stops with them (edidtors)a

been around the block said...

Heather Mallick: certifiably insane.

The only problem is, the certifiers are as insane as her -- or more.

been around the block said...

And, please forgive me but, my God, she's ugly.

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