Saturday, September 18, 2010


A good piece in the NP. Legitimate concerns about the jihadi threat are not Islamophobia. Indeed these calls of Islamophobia are also meant to silence Muslimsw ho fight the jihadi threat like my friends Salim Mansur, Tarek Fatah and Raheel Raza.

We Americans should be ashamed! What an intolerant, bigoted, hateful lot we are! Or so we are being told by our political and media elites. Lawrence Wright, in The New Yorker -- yes, The New Yorker-- announces: "Culture wars are currently being waged against Muslim Americans across the country." Are they really? The crowds in Kandahar and Karachi will be most interested to hear that.

Even on Fox -- yes, Fox -- Chris Wallace talked last weekend of "growing anti-Islamic feeling in this country." Excuse me, but where's the evidence?

In recent days, we've been told that it's in a new Washington Post/ ABC News poll showing 49% of respondents holding an "unfavourable" opinion of Islam. At first glance, that does seem disturbing. But take the trouble to actually examine the poll and a very different picture emerges.


Anonymous said...

I trust most Muslims, I do not trust Islam. If Muslims do not come to grips with political Islam soon they will lose that trust. So they need to pay attention to courageous people like Salim Mansur.

Lawrence Wright does excellent analysis work in his books. That analysis is worthwhile even if he comes to some weak-kneed conclusions. He should have a wee chat with Salim sometime who would set him straight.


cantuc said...

Is it just me and what i've read ? like most major news sites in the English speaking part of the world or is everything to do with Islam accompanied by a threat or followed by an explosion in close proximity ? I don't know about anybody else , but nothing gets my hackles up faster than somebody trying to be a schoolyard bully .

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