Saturday, September 25, 2010

Increase tuitions in Quebec

Quebec universities, particularly my Alma mater are underfunded. Tuitions are half of what they are in real dollars, as they were in the 80's. It is time for increases in tuition and higher tuitions at the professional schools. In Quebec bothoth the pq and charest grits think these are radical ideas. The ADQ does not. Neither does the rector of the Universite de Montreal or the Principal of McGill University.

At last: fresh ideas on financing universities


Without fresh infusions of money, Quebec's universities will ultimately start to stagnate. The quality of their teaching and research will decline and their ability to attract top-rated academics and the best students will erode. These are simple facts. Quebecers should know them by heart by now. They are warned about this grim prognosis every year.

And every year, we get the same stale response: The Parti Quebecois insists that the province's absurdly low tuition fees are key to social solidarity and can on no account be raised. Thus encouraged, student associations take to the streets if necessary to reject the idea that they pay anything approaching a fair share of what it costs to educate them.

And that's enough to spook the Charest government back to the status quo.

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