Sunday, September 05, 2010

iffy , professional burger flipper, but not a leader

Angelo Persichilli points out that the grits and their ever cheering minions in the msm are ecstatic over very little. Not much has changed for iffy. There will be no election this year and I'm not even sure if there will be an election in 2011. iffy's bombast about winning a majority grit government is laughable. I dare him to bring down HM Government. If he does he better keep the bus, the grits have no money for a plane.

Persichilli: Flipping burgers is not a leadership skill

Published On Sun Sep 05 2010

By Angelo Persichilli Political Columnist

Last week, the federal Liberal party website reported that since the beginning of June, “the Liberal Express has visited 12 provinces and territories, 102 cities and towns, and held more than 140 public events while travelling 39,000 kilometres — and there’s still gas in the tank.”

To me, this sounds like a tagline for a new airline or a hybrid vehicle, not the agenda of someone who wants to become prime minister.

If this is enough to lead a party, then every Air Canada pilot has the qualifications to become prime minister. The only thing missing for the pilots is the ability to flip hamburgers.

Is this the reason why so many Ignatieff handlers are so ecstatic about their leader’s performance over the summer? As someone once said, at sundown even a short man casts a long shadow. I believe that to lead a country you need more than smoke-and-mirrors gimmickry.

In fact, if we look a bit closer, we see that nothing has changed compared with the same time last year.

The Liberals had no policy on major issues in the summer of 2009, and they have no policy now (notwithstanding their firm position against anything that comes from the Prime Minister’s Office).


Anonymous said...

Iffy just likes to be in the spotlight and to have a cushy job. He would be terrified to be PM. So things are going good for him.

Later he can retire to some lefty job like Charest is about to do with the World Bank or an environmental organization or something.

Anonymous said...

would someone enlighten me the two new provinces ???
the man is toast.

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