Friday, September 17, 2010


A modern day Medea. May she suffer the rest of her life in prison. She is an abomination against motherhood.

BARRIE, Ont. - Minutes after a mother calmly called police saying her children were dead, officers found 19-month-old Sophia Campione in bed, dressed in her Tinkerbell pyjamas, holding hands with her three-year-old sister Serena, court heard Thursday.

Between their lifeless bodies lay a photo album and a rosary.

The Crown alleges their mother, Frances Elaine Campione, 35, drowned them in October 2006 so their father could not get custody.

A videotape was found in the room with the girls' bodies that showed Campione addressing the camera and speaking as if she and her daughters were dead, Crown attorney Enno Meijers said in his opening statement to the jury.

"There, are you happy?" Meijers said Campione says on the video, which the jury will later be shown.

"Everything's gone. Gone... God's taking care of them now ... There is no way I could have them with you.

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don muntean said...

What a selfish rotten evil *itch and that is an understatement! Just such a case where capital punishment is warranted.

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