Sunday, September 12, 2010

grit arrogance knows no bounds

People of Canada. readers of the Sun chain, this is what the aroogant clowns of the liberal party think of you. What arrogance, if you don't agree with these elitists you are dumb. Why would anyone vote for these arrogant twits? This comment will undo every photo of iffy at a barbecue. It confirms what we all knew. grit arrigance is boundless. they have not been humbled by their electoral defeats. They feel entitled to government and they feel entitled to make fun of average Canadians. This is a grit tradition. The grits will try to distance themselves from this arrogant twit, but this will once again fuel Canadian suspicions of what the grits think of rural people, people who earn less than six figures, people who don't drink lattes and anyone else that doesn't fit in the cocktail party world of the "natural governing party". Remeber davey recruited the bloated head iffy to Canada. iffy is even more of an elitist than davey.

"It was once said about the Toronto Sun that it's a newspaper for people who can't read," Davey said during Sunday's Question Period on CTV. "And I think that probably applies to the whole chain."


Anonymous said...

Wow...this is priceless. I hate to admit that it took me a second to catch on, as I found myself correcting you at first.

It definitely gave me a laugh when I caught on.

been around the block said...

'Thought so.

Ian Davey's dad was Keith Davey. A Maclean's headline in 2006 blared, "His dad made Trudeau a winner" ( That's the whole story in a nutshell.

Why am I not surprised to see another nepotistic Librano parasite decrying SunTV -- in fact the whole Sun chain? The Charter of Rights and Freedoms is, obviously, only for the latte-drinking, six figure-earning, cocktail cockroaches in the world of the "natural governing party of Canada."

The leftards are truly scared to enter into a war of words/ideas on a level playing field, because they've been able to take advantage, for so long, of a left/lib monopoly in the media. They really wonder if they're up to it and, secretly, suspect that they're not.

That's why their arrogant and nasty attitude; it's a smokescreen for their fear.

Jen said...

BTDT, the idiots at Q/P said absolutely nothing, besides, it looks that Q/P becomes a questionable mark(?).

Bell owns CTV-how about giving them(BELL) a call. "oh Bell, I guess you will have to send your employees to those who need help to read your subscription."

Anonymous said...

When is the Sun chain going to truly come on side with conservatives in this country instead of just pretending? Too many times the Sun papers stab conservatives in the back in order to appease their Liberal masters behind the black curtain, but now we have Liberal elite telling them they are morons. What does it take for the Sun chain to get the message anyways? (real conservative)

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