Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Montreal Gazette "endorses" ADQ

There is a byelection in St Laurent. a very safe seat for the provincial grits in Quebec. Indeed the arrogant grits have already appointed the grit candidate as the justice minister, even before the election campaign started. The Quebec grits are solidly backed by Quebec's English and Ethnic minorities. The provincial grits totally ignore us and often abuse us. That's why I think we should abandon them. Even the staunchly liberal Gazette is saying consider the ADQ, at least in St Laurent.

Liberals and Fournier deserve to lose

In a by-election Monday, the voters of Saint-Laurent riding in Montreal can senda historic message to Premier Jean Charest and the Liberal Party of Quebec. Today, The Gazette urges the electors of Saint-Laurent to vote against and defeat the Liberals' parachuted-in candidate, Jean-Marc Fournier.

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