Friday, September 24, 2010

Free Speech at McGill?

qprig (and oprig) are leftist front organizations who somehow have managed to fund themselves with
money from forced student contributions. Not sure how this happened. Why not a mandatory contribution to the Fraser institute, something I would not support. The left seems to think it should be government funded or funded by forced contributions like in the case of unions. Some of my young friends at McGill are courageously trying to get students to opt out of this forced contribution.
The qprig people seem to object to free speech and have responded with violence and vandalism. Again why are these people being funded with forced contributions?

Eventually, the crowd of QPIRG members swelled to around 10. QPIRG members began to hand out their own flyers, even going so far as to block members of the Opt-Out Campaign from distributing flyers. McGill Security was contacted, and QPIRG was told to maintain a reasonable distance from the Opt-Out Campaign.

While the situation stabilized, it eventually deteriorated when Maddie Ritts (a member of QPIRG’s Board of Directors) stormed up to the Opt-Out table and proceeded to steal and violently rip several posters. Security caught several people, and a report has been filed with administration. McGill Security is still looking for Maddie Ritts, who left the scene.

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