Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ezra on Q

My friend Ezra Levant is very brave. He went into the belly of the beast today and argued with a greenie and the not so neutral host on Q.
You can listen here.
I also urge you to buy Ezra's new book Ethical Oil. he is promoting it across the country now


been around the block said...

'Made it to Indigo last night to hear Ezra's very enlightening arguments in favour of the Albertan Oil Sands. As he points out, if the world doesn't buy Canadian oil, they'll buy Saudi, Venezuelan, Sudanese, Iranian oil, all countries which have far worse human rights and justice records, and equality laws in place than Canada.

He quieted the Greenpeacers, who wouldn't debate, who wouldn't step up to the plate, I suspect because the only ammo they had was the envirowhacko's propaganda points to lob at Ezra -- and he would have creamed them!

Ezra's presentation was impressive and I now know a lot more about ethical oil -- and what is genuinely dirty oil, blood oil -- than I did two days ago.

hunter said...

Ezra takes it to the progressives by arguing 4 "liberal" points, priceless!!