Friday, September 24, 2010

Excellent Choice

This sounds like a very good choice. He has an excellent knowledge of the economy and business. HM PM has made an excellent choice.

OTTAWA — Nigel Wright, one of the key dealmakers in the Onex Corp. empire, is leaving Bay Street behind to become the Prime Minister’s chief of staff.

Mr. Wright’s appointment, made public Friday, has caused a stir in Ottawa — but sources say this has been months in the making. The Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, has been in talks with Mr. Wright for the last six to eight weeks in an effort to persuade the dealmaker to become his top advisor.


Owner and Doggy said...
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Owner and Doggy said...

Funny. He comes from Toronto, worked on Bay street, was "one of the key dealmakers in the Onex Corp. empire;" seems like Toronto elitist.

Roy Eappen said...

Not all of the Toronto elite is blind. Some understand that low taxes and more freedom is a good idea.
maybe iffy should remeber he is Canadian instead of bashing the country he wants to represent in international forums.

been around the block said...

This IS a great choice. This gentleman is not only a financier, he's a man of principle, something, generally in short supply these days.

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