Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Equality myth

Apparently liberals believe that having rich people in society is bad, Rich people should have their wealth confiscated and given to less productive people in society. Peter Foster has a good piece that these theories are good for no one including the poor.

Liberals promote primitive, economically challenged assumptions for political ends

‘Why don’t Americans pay more attention to growing income disparity?” asked Timothy Noah in a piece in last Wednesday’s Post. Terence Corcoran established Thursday that Mr. Noah’s claim of “growing disparity” is essentially a crock, but that claim invites more probing questions: Why are modern liberals obsessed with income inequality (to the point of cooking the books), and why do they claim that it is unequivocally “bad” and almost invariably getting “worse?”

Inequality of income and wealth is inevitable under a system of relatively free enterprise because people have different talents, ambitions and drives. Given capital accumulation, mass production and extensive markets, it is possible for individuals to become fabulously wealthy on the basis of ideas alone. Thus it was with Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford. Thus it is with Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and the likes of Canada’s Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis. Such individuals create jobs, wealth and tax revenue. Their wealth is not earned “at the expense” of anybody else, except unsuccessful competitors. And yet the inevitable “inequality” created by these men, and other talented and entrepreneurial individuals, is constantly bemoaned as a moral blight and a potential danger. Inequality is confuted with inequity.


Anonymous said...

A very good article. The hypocrisy of the progressives is becoming more and more evident to the hoi polloi. Because the elitists promoting this scam are really rent seekers of the productive in our society and once in behind the castle walls then the progressives claim to be all in favour of the masses being “equal”. However “equal” does not apply to the progressives: witness Michelle Antoinette on vacation with the Royalty in Spain and lounging around in Nantucket.

Society actually progresses because we are not equal. We all have different skills and ambitions. The only fair way to decide what that is worth is the competitive market place.

But the elitist mind does not want to play by market rules, instead they want to rent seek and play banker to the masses; i.e. charge a fee, a skim, for their redistribution of wealth that they did nothing to create.

We’re onto them and now that we can get around the gatekeeping progressives in the MSM who always felt they were “worth more”, now we can redistribute this information about their scam.


Shawn Abigail said...

A couple of thoughts come to mind. First, those on the political left assume that equality of opportunity must result in equality of outcome, and any inequality of outcome is a result of inequality of opportunity. It is heresy for them, to believe that different people have different natural talents and personal drive to succeed.

Second, the political left fails to realize that economics is not a zero sum game. The idea that the pie gets bigger is lost on them. Of course the pie gets bigger because of improvements to efficiency. Yet even the notion of efficiency is heresy to the left because this implies that some people will lose their jobs because their company is unprofitable. As a side note, the left assumes that the only good and honest companies are those on the verge of failure.

Finally, I think a lot of the behaviours on the left are driven by old fashioned jealousy. I have something that the other guy doesn't have and he wants it, so he will invent some reason to take it away from me (either pretending that I obtained wealth in an unjust way, or just "redistributing" it in the interests of fairness.

Thankfully Capitalism is a wonderfully efficient system which can tolerate all sorts of efforts to bleed it for progressive purposes.


Anonymous said...

"Apparently liberals believe that having rich people in society is bad."

Wrong. Whatever builds off of this is intellectually vapid, and therefore not worth reading. Better luck next time.

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