Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Dr Roy In Washington

                                                    Congressman Paul Ryan

                                                 Senator Jim Demint

                                              Congressman Joe Barton

                                                                         Congressman Darrell Issa

                                                    Senator Tom Coburn

                                                 David Keane, President ACU

                                                     Steve Moore WSJ

                                                    Senator  Peter Isakson

                                                John Fund WSJ

                                                 Pollster Kellyanne Conway

                                              Lisa Di Pasquale CPAC

                                                Congressman John Shadegg

                                                         Senator Corker

                                                        Congressman Peter Roskam

                                                               Congressman Scott Garrett

                                                     Congresswoman Virginia  Foxx

                                                       Congressman Marsha Blackburn

I recently attended the ACU legacy conference and met a lot of GOP lawmakers including some of my favourites like Congressman Ryan, who I want to be President. It was a great day. The mood among the GOP is cautiously upbeat about the midterms. It was intersting to see so man Congresmen and Senators are businessmen and doctors. It was also nice to meet some WSJ journalists who are niot lefties. I hope the GOP does really well in the midterms.
At the airport on my way to NYC I saw one of the participants, Pollster Kellyanne Conway. I went to say hello to her. She was talking to a tall man. I said hello an she asked if I wanted to talk to Chris , who turned out to be Chris Matthews. I said no thanks and just spoke to Kellyanne.

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Anonymous said...

Awww come-on Doc, Chris needs medical attention to that tingling in his leg.

More seriously, that’s an impressive who’s who ( other than Chris).