Friday, September 03, 2010

defeat abernethy!

The council in clarington are still at it. It seems Mayor Abernethy doesn't think LSS can be held anymore. It's time to throw abernethy and dalton out. Mayor Marta sounds good to me. Premier Hudak als sounds good.

While the municipality’s representatives were eager to have my mom and dad begin the process by paying the fees they cannot afford, the mayor told the Clarington This Week reporter that a zoning change would still make it “doubtful” that the Liberty Summer Seminar could be hosted on my parents’ property:

Mayor Abernethy said even if the Jaworskis go through the zoning amendment process, it’s unlikely the change would be allowed for the summer liberty seminar. The municipality has to implement the provincial policies dictated in the Green Belt Act and Oak Ridges Moraine and it’s “doubtful” the liberty seminar would be permitted, explained Mayor Abernethy.

I’m trying to understand, Mayor Abernethy.

You want my parents to pay $18,000 for the application process, even though you believe it’s “doubtful” that the Liberty Summer Seminar would be permitted? And why do you tell a journalist that you think it’s “doubtful,” but fail to mention your doubts to me, my mom and my dad?

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What else would you expect from a liberal?

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