Thursday, September 16, 2010

che guevara

che guevara was a murderous thug.


Anonymous said...

Apparently Che was really out of control when he hit Africa and nobody really knows everything he was up to. Castro was from a wealthy land owning Spanish family that left Spain for Cuba and he was raised in the upper classes. Funny how the upper classes generate so many socialists that then go on to become rich? Castro is reputed to be a billionaire but nobody knows for sure and we can bet a nice chunk of money sits in a bank account in Switzerland. (real conservative)

Brian Busby said...

A billionaire with Swiss bank account, you say. Wow! I guess he better get started spending that money - after all, he's not getting any younger.

Anonymous said...

Is it okay for hipster child labourers to work in sweatshops producing Che shirts if they do so ironically?

Anonymous said...

How odd that Marc Lepine day is coming up and we see people like Naomi Klein telling a pro-hamas crowd in Toronto that she became a femisist after what men did to her sisters.
Right Klein, Gamil Gharbi was a muslim and females are the majority in canada. But the real irony each year is the Campus bimbos with their whimpy male friend goiong to the vigil to condemn 48% of all canada for what a Muslims did. But then you see the Pro-hamas button,Free-gaza,and the CHE buttons.

My gawd girls, CHE made gamil Gharabi look like Walt Disney,and Hamas would murder you in public if you offended Allah or were a lesbian.
I think nature keeps the population under control when the moron gene gets to advanced and the survival gene almost dies.

I'm waiting for Libby Davies to meet with the Taliban, if all goes well she'll be in a Al-Qaeda video having that fat thick kneck sawed off by a dull knife, I'm guessing a 2 hour special on CBC for how poverty creates terrorists.
Libby could feed a family of 6 for at least 2 months.

Anonymous said...

Knowing Castro he is probably using his vast fortune to fund 'socialista' causes around the world. I don't know anything about his family does anybody else out there? Maybe if Cuban socialism fails we will see them flee Cuba to a safe haven and become overnight very wealthy? Castro is said to own dozens of homes in Cuba, the locals say this and he never sleeps in the same place more than a few nights and just appears at one of his places unannounced due to those that want him dead within the country. Fidel is not going to take a fall no matter what happens to Cuba next. (real conservative)

Joe Nolan said...

Having read a number of books about and by Mr. Guevara, I've been compelled to watch a number of films about the man as well. Of course, I thought this flick would be a doc that focused specifically on Guevara's last days in Bolivia and his subsequent assassination.

I was totally wrong.

Millions of posters and T-shirts all over the world have been adorned with the same iconic image of Che Guevara, but it remains a footnote that this ubiquitous image was based on a photograph taken by famous Cuban photographer Alberto 'Korda' Diaz. This film profiles Diaz, telling the story of his life, his career, and the infamous photograph known as 'Guerillero heroico.'

I'm currently hosting the entire film on my blog for those who would like to learn more:

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