Wednesday, September 22, 2010

castro has been replaced by a pod

How else to explain his rec ent statements acknowledfging communism doesn't work. ( Something justing trudeau and his relatives won't admit). Now he says Israel has the right to exist. The left will go mental over this and will begin their attacks.

Fidel Castro firmly backs Israel's right to exist: report

AFP/HO/File – Handout photo released by Cuban official website of former Cuban President Fidel Castro …
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– 40 mins ago
NEW YORK (AFP) – Fidel Castro, the longtime president and leftist icon who stepped aside during a health crisis but still leads the Cuban Communist Party, has told a reporter that Israel definitely has the right to exist.
"Yes it does, without a doubt," Castro, 84, told visiting US journalist Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic magazine, according to a new article published Wednesday.

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Louise said...

Eewwwwwe. Did you read all the anti-Semitic comments below the article. Really, really disturbing.

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