Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Burning Korans

Burning Korans is a moronic thing to do. There is no law against it in the west. As there is no law against putting Crucifixes in urine or making portraits of the Blessed Virgin in dung. It is fascinating to watch the left defend the former while calling the latter free speech. I think it is all a matter of free speech. I think it is all despicable. It offends me. However I don't believe in using the power of the state to stop it.Just as I think build the GZ mosque is a bad idea, but I would never advicate using the power of the state to stop it. All of these things were down for publicity and attention. If we ignore them , they would be done less often. Because some Muslims have rioted and killed over Mohammed cartoons and other minor provocations we in the West now self censor. That is bad. Mocking religion or anything else is a right in Western society. as I have said you don't have the right not to be offended. However I can protest your actions or speech and boycott you. Perhaps all sides should remember that.

The pastor who plans to burn Korans is despicable.
But the rush to condemn this maniac clouds legitimate free-speech debate—and lowers his critics to his level....


Anonymous said...

Well said, Roy! While I object to a crucifix in urine, my rights end at ignoring you. I have no right to ban, censure or burn you books or ideas. I too think it is all despicable.

Anonymous said...

Toilet paper first then burning. Works for me!

Mutton Chops said...

This post if off base. I think most Christians have moved beyond the whole "crucifix in urine" issue. It takes a lot more for US to get offended. It takes flying planes into buildings or cutting off journalists heads while videotaping. You call burning Korans despicable. I call it a very restrained and modest response to a religion that gets away (literally) with murder. Personally, I will enjoy watching the Muslim world go apoplectic over this. And hopefully "moderate Muslims" (hahahaha) will realize that they are lucky Christians aren't less restrained in our response to their "extremists".

dougf said...

Unlike some I don't have a problem with torching the Koran. I'm not a big fan of anything Islam, and offending(inflaming) its adherents is a matter of indifference to me.

The problem is that this stupid action is all pain and no gain. Rather than harming Islam it strengthens it. Instead of encouraging what 'moderation' there is in that abysmal cult, it just justifies the more lunatic wing.

In sum, I don't object because Islam deserves respect. I object on a utilitarian basis because it is 100% contra-productive. Oh well, I guess morons-r-us has opened up a new branch office. It's seemingly a growth industry. One of the very few.

Anonymous said...

The paradoxical-irony for the Islamofascists is that they now claim that this will "Incite" many of the 1.5 billion muslims globally.
Oh really,so if someone denounces Pedophilia or burns a book written by a Artist that uses free-speech to produce kiddie-porn, all of a sudden the Pedophile get upset and abuse and rape more kids?

The Psychological-terrorism used by Muhammed is too inflict a potential fear and thus force self-censoring perceived as approval for all the Jihadists and Shariah Law at Work or in schools. The fact that they assume Muslims will riot and kill just merely by an perceived offence to Allah,I infer that Muslims are pr-disposed to violence and Murder.
5'500'000'000 non-Muslims can not be expected to spend their lives in fear of a few misunderstanders of islam because 1.5 billion Muslim have neither the will,nor brains to kick out these evil ones from their Mosques.

The 9/11 Muslim hijackers said that THEY were Muslims, so which group is telling the truth? The USA has only 0.004% of all muslims
and that leaves 99.996% that may agree with the 9/11 hijackers and denounce the western-muslims as Apostates to be kill with the unbelivers to spread Islam.

Anonymous said...

The left would be running to support this guy if he was an artist burning a Bible or Torah as an art form.

Anonymous said...

Aparently this pastor missed the part in the bible that said somthing along the lines of 'do to others as you would have them do to you' ... but then again America is at war with extremist Islam.

Anonymous said...

This pastor is a small time shit disturber, yet the MSM has gone loopy covering this nobody just because he's going to burn a few books... big deal.
How about ignoring the whole thing and let it pass quietly... I guess that's too simple.
And Gen Petraeus should keep his mouth shut too - honestly, he should know better!!!

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