Friday, September 10, 2010

ADQ in the Gazette

More coverage of ADQ candidate in the st Laurent byelection in the Montreal Gazette. It is timer for us Allophone and Anglophone Quebecers to abandon the plq. charest has shown he takes us totally for granted. It;s time to take another look at the ADQ. Gerard Deltell has openly said he voted Non in the last referendum. The ADQ is not interested in having another referendum. charest's grits are only interested in the same statist policies as the pq. charest is even more disappointing becuase he promised to change things. Its time to send a message. Vote ADQ in St Laurent. Vote for Jose Fiorilo.

There is no such thing as an abridged history of the rise and fall of the Action democratique du Quebec. It's a very short history. The party's rise in 2007 was as sudden as its fall in 2008. After winning a breakthrough 41 seats in the 2007 general election, the ADQ fell back to just seven seats in 2008.

The ADQ is in a rebuilding phase. Founding leader Mario Dumont resigned on election night in December 2008. Current leader Gerard Deltell, a native of Quebec City and a former television journalist there, has been spending the last couple of weeks walking up and down the streets of the city of Montreal's mightyindustrialsuburbof St. Laurent, where a provincial by-election will be held on Monday.

The provincial riding of Saint-Laurent is one of the safest Liberal seats in Quebec, and it is an unlikely political arena for the ADQ to entertain notions of a comeback. But with the party still struggling to regain the confidence of francophone voters, Deltell sees Saint-Laurent as an opportunity to do something that Dumont never really did -get out there and press some real allophone and anglophone flesh, deep in the heart of multi-ethnic Montreal.

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