Saturday, September 11, 2010


That terrible day will always be seared into my memory. I have a lot of family and friends in NYC, several of whom worked in the towers. Fortunately they all survived. The secretary of one of my friends was not so lucky.
Here is a list of the victims.
The enemies of freedom will be defeated. The jihadis and their stealth component must be resisted. I wish more Muslim voices would speak out against the murder of religious minorities in Muslim lands and against the continuing threats of violence. Someone threatens to burn a Koran, Christian Churches are torched and there are calls for terrorist acts. jihadis are truly the enemy, they have no place in western lands and they bring misery to Muslim ones. I still believe the vast majority of Muslims are good people, who have been intimidated by the violent jihadis in their midst. We must continue to work with our Muslim friends to defeat this enemy of humanity. Today let us remember all the victims of these jihadis.

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