Sunday, September 19, 2010

3 Billion and Counting

A new movie called 3 Billion and Counting is a total indictment of some environmental junk science. It seems many environmentalists may claim to love the earth, but they don't like people very much.It was reviewed in the National Review.

National Review has a column reviewing a new book, 3 Billion and Counting, that dissects the harsh human cost of banning DDT. There are things that should be banned, of course, but such decisions should be based on sound science and cost-benefit analysis. Sadly, that’s not what happened with the politically-motivated decision to ban this particular pesticide.


Anonymous said...

It's amazing that the man behind this got a Airport named after him,and yet the Liberal leftists in the USA still won't admit that this man got the USA into the Vietnam war.
It was the ex-Pres/Gen on his death bed who told JFK to stay out of Vietnam.
But then again, lesbians and feminists wear CHE T-shirts and pro-Hamas buttons or the Free-gaza banners.

Beverly said...

I've seen the new documentary, 3 BILLION AND COUNTING, by Dr. Rutledge Taylor and it's an Amazing piece of work! The doctor sorts through thousands of pages of testimony surrounding the banning of DDT by the EPA in the 1970's, exposing the myths, lies, coverups. It's a REAL EYE-opener! Go see this excellent film, opening in L.A. at Laemmles Sunset 5 Theater, 8000 Sunset Blvd, 90046 - September 24 - 30.
706-263-5372 It is also showing at The Quad, New York City - September 17 - 23. Also checkout www.3billionand for more info.

Anonymous said...

You, as an individual owe it to yourself to get informed. DDT is safe, yet for decades you have accepted the opposite as being true. Do yourself a real favour - see the documentary - it's showing September 24-30, 2010 at Laemmle’s Sunset 5, 8000 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, 90046 p: 310-478-3836. If you can't make it there, at least see the trailer, available here ( and check out the website here ( Try "googling" it and read the reviews AND comments. There are some very informed commentators out there. Research both sides of the argument - and ask yourself ...which are based on scientific fact and which are based on emotional propaganda? Malaria is preventable NOW. Ask yourself this...why isn't it being prevented right now? Who gains from allowing this to continue? What is the agenda?

Ed Darrell said...

Let me get this straight: Rutledge Taylor claims that the ban on DDT use by the EPA stopped DDT use in Africa, even though EPA has no authority in Africa, and even though EPA's order specifically left manufacturing for export to Africa as an approved activity?

Taylor claims that DDT use in Africa was slowed by the EPA ban, even though the EPA ban was made in 1972, and WHO slowed DDT use in Africa in 1965? He thinks EPA reached back in time, six years before the agency even existed, to ban DDT use on a continent where it has no authority?

Rutledge Taylor thinks the EPA ban on spraying DDT on cotton in Texas, somehow allows mosquitoes to escape, fly across the Atlantic, and infect people in Africa?

The Red Queen told Alice, "Why, sometimes I've believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast." But that was Wonderland, and a fictional tale. We're not supposed to do that in life, not when malaria is still unbeaten, and children die while people make films that spread falsehoods about malaria fighters.

shedlight said...

Give it up, Ed! You just want to argue! You should pursue The Truth in the same insatiable manner with which you argue! Once again, I urge you to Pursue The Truth for yourself: check the Facts contained in the documentary, 3 Billion and Counting.

Ed Darrell said...

Where have I erred? Show us the science. Show us the history. Show an error, if you can.

Then, go give $10 to Nothing But Nets. That'll do more to save a kid from malaria than Taylor's film does.

kathy said...

Glad to see some folks talking bout DDT! Was thrilled to find out, after 40 years of reading junk science, that it is and has always been SAFE for humans and environment.
Can't imagine Ed wants people to contribute to bed nets. Would he consider walking around in one throughout his day, so as not to be attacked by mosquitos and end up with malaria? I don't think so.
I say, go to and get the TRUE science you are looking for Ed. There is plenty there. And if possible, see the film, it will shock you back to sanity! We have been insane, telling Africa they can NOT spray DDT OR they will not receive aide from us. I think they should spray, and refuse the aide, and will be better off for it!

Ed Darrell said...

Kathy, you'd do well to learn about malaria's life cycle, and about mosquitoes that carry the disease.

Only a few species of mosquito carry malaria. The parasite must spend two weeks in the mosquito to complete part of its lifecycle and become ready to infect humans again. If we interrupt that life cycle at any point, we can stop the passing of malaria.

Mosquitoes that carry malaria bite from late evening to very early morning. If we protect humans from contacting those mosquitoes from about 8:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. local time, the malaria parasite can't be passed.

So, no one would have to wear a bednet 24 hours to protect from bites.

Of course, such ridicule is truly foolish from DDT advocates. DDT protects only inside the hut, and not very well there. Do you advocate people wear their huts all day?

True science -- you could study it. You can look it up. You won't find it in Rutledge Taylor's vanity movie.

Ed Darrell said...

Kathy said: We have been insane, telling Africa they can NOT spray DDT OR they will not receive aide from us.

Balderdash. DDT is cheap. Idi Amin didn't refuse to spray DDT because of his respect for (your silly version) of environmentalism.

DDT has been in constant use in Africa since 1946. It's not magic, it's toxic to many other creatures, and Africans are not so stupid as you wish to paint them.

WHO's policy since 1955 has been to use DDT where it would be effective. It's sad that DDT advocates overused the stuff in the 1960s and killed the campaign to eradicate malaria -- but that's a genie we can't put back into the bottle, and it's almost irrelevant now.

Where is the evidence that any aid has ever been predicated on banning DDT? Where is there evidence that there has not been a surplus of DDT available to anyone who wanted to use it, since 1965?

Where is there evidence that DDT is a magic tool against malaria?

And why don't malaria fighters call for more DDT, if that would do the trick.?

Anonymous said...

Ed, I feel it my responsibility and right to pass along the facts surrounding DDT, as you have the right to irresponsibly spread the lies around DDT. I ask you to check out

DDT gets unfair blame aside from and see that Dr. Taylor is not alone in understanding the truth surrounding DDT. You claim to want facts, however, when presented with avenues to invest them, you simply repeat what you were told, which is now proven to be nothing but "junk science". No matter how many times you repeat such, it will not make it true. Too many of us are on to the scam, and will no longer be led by those who's real agenda is to support population control.

shedlight said...

Ed, I think it's time you took a hike! Have you ever been to Africa? Maybe you should, "walk the walk", like Dr. Rutledge did, when making the documentary, 3 Billion and Counting. Go to malarial zones in the world, particularily Nairobi, and talk to the people, see the suffering for yourself, before you continue "talking the talk". Drinking water is very different than talking about it.

Ed Darrell said...

Have you ever done a DDT analysis of tissues of a bird? Have you ever checked the crushed eggs in an eagle's nest? Have you ever cleaned up the fish kill of a Texas, Oklahoma, or Kenyan river where DDT "overspray" wiped out the food for a hundred families for the next five months?

Have you ever waited for the helicopter bringing the liver for transplant, to replace the old one, scarred by chemical overdoses?

Drinking water is exactly the point. It needs to be clean, and it needs to be unpooled where those specific species of mosquito that carry malaria can breed in it.

Time for you to research the research, read the books, deliver the medical care, and stop hampering the fight against malaria. How long is the film, 102 minutes?

204 kids die of malaria during the time that film is shown, every time it's shown. Better that anyone thinking of seeing the movie would, instead, send the money to Nothing But Nets. They'd save a life, and 102 minutes.

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