Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Why are we giving money for this pro terrorist play?

I think we should stop most of this arts funding. Arts should be privately funded.. I particularly dislike funding this pro terrorist play. Private industry can fund what it likes, but we can protest their funding of a pro terrorist play.

David Akin has been nice enough to suplly the numbers we can call to express our opinion on funding pro jihadi plays.

Feel free to call:

The federal government, through the Department of Canadian Heritage, contributed $35,000 towards this year’s Summerworks Festival.
James Moore
Minister of Canadian Heritage
+1 (819) 997-7788

The Toronto Arts Council, contributed $30,000 to the festival and $6,000 towards the creation of “Homegrown”
+1 (416)392-6800
The Ontario Arts Council, contributed $24,500 to the festival.
+1 (800) 387-0058

The following corporate sponsors are also providing financial or in-kind support (materials, promotional support, etc.) to Summerworks 20th anniversary season this year:
CBC Radio 3 +1 (866) 306-4636
Now Magazine +1 (416) 364-1300 +1 (416) 535-9735
Steam Whistle Brewery +1 (416) 362-2337
TD Canada Trust +1 (866) 222-3456 Royal Bank of Canada +1 (800)769-2599

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CanadianSense said...

So taxpayers $ 35k (Feds) Municipal $ 30k, Provincial 24.5k

A $ 100k donation from taxpayers?

This is pocket change in highlighting waste of taxpayers dollars for squeaky wheel.

Let's hope Rob Ford gets a chance to regain some sanity for the Toronto taxpayer.

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