Sunday, August 01, 2010

white liberals and race

White liberal guilt is a truly dangerous thing for western countries. It is also unbelievably condescending. It is the racism of lower expectations. It is bad for the people these guilt ridden white liberals want to "help". An interesting article on the subject.


From the Times
‘How wet white liberals became the ultimate black joke‘:
Politically correct do-gooders do more harm than they know, says Nirpal Singh Dhaliwal
Groovy white liberals can pose serious problems to ethnic minorities in this country. They contributed to some of the most enjoyable and least productive moments of my childhood. I went to an all-boys comprehensive school in Ealing; the pupils were overwhelmingly black and Asian. Some, like me, were the children of Indian immigrants, others, refugees from Somalia, Iran, Armenia . . .

We’d often get a fresh-faced, idealistic teacher who had no doubt read Marx and Malcolm X and done an elective in post-colonial theory at polytechnic. We ate those suckers alive.

Desperate to empathise with our persecution, they were knocked dead by our indifference and rampant misbehaviour. At the first sniff of guilt-ridden middle-class weakness, the feral instincts of teenage boys were unleashed and the class descended into anarchy. They thought we’d been crazed by oppression, so didn’t want to come down too hard on us. They wanted to understand instead. When it did get too much for them and they threatened to march one of us to the headmaster’s office, our immediate protest would be: “You’re a racist!”


CanadianSense said...

As noted in several articles Western democracies are experiencing a large radicalization of their ethnic population for failing to protect individual rights and freedoms without special treatment to race, religion or colour.

This will create a backlash of more nationalistic parties against those radical groups and the ethnic communities will ultimately suffer.

bertie said...

Like the old Seinfeld saying**i am white and proud of it**not that there is anything wrong with other colour,s..BUT i like the colour i was born with best of all.

been around the block said...

Welcome to a typical Toronto school. If the students creating havoc come from a visible minority, nine times out of ten, recently arrived in Canada, don't bother to send them to the office.

The admin. will hold their hands and commiserate with them; they'll believe their lies and haul the teacher onto the carpet. Teachers are being humiliated and made to defend their actions while the worst kids (and usually their parents) bully their way through the system.

Then we wonder why all the violence in our city? Schools without logical consequences for behaviour are the breeding grounds for our mean streets and gang violence.

This "multicultural" (sic) madness really has got to stop. Equal rights don't mean special rights.

been around the block said...

From the article: "A stalwart gang of diehard traditionalists prevented us from leaving school illiterate. Chief among them was Mr Garrett, my form tutor. He was an imposing behemoth of a man, who couldn’t have cared less about our ethnicity and historical subjugation. He had high expectations of how we should behave and apply ourselves, and flew into thunderous, terrifying rages whenever we failed to meet them.


And, that's the thing: If you have high expectations of your students, you usually get it in the jugular. The best teachers, some who can't afford it, are jumping ship as fast as they can because their professional integrity is on the line every minute of every day. 'Just look at a visible minority kid sideways and you could find yourself locked into a soul-destroying battle, which is designed to see the teacher take the fall.

I know. I teach in city schools. I'm tough. I don't put up with the crap. I have high standards for my students. But, I've made a decision to be a full-time occasional teacher, because I know I wouldn't last a week in a regular classroom.

As I've said to a number of people, my best teachers wouldn't be allowed to teach today. Most of them were as eccentric as hell and said the most outrageous things to us. BUT, they got us thinking, they were passionate about their subjects, and they taught us not about compassion and empathy (that's the family's job) but about the subject they were paid to teach us.

I'm forever grateful to them, as Mr. Dhaliwal is to Mr. Garret.

One of the greatest compliments I've ever got was not from admin. but an outspoken, unruly girl in a multi-ethnic, inner city classroom -- which felt like a team of wild horses I was reining in all day: one day in that classroom felt like three in any other -- was, "Miss, whenever we have a supply teacher, it should be you." When I asked her why, she said, "Because you're fair." I had exacted discipline in this classroom and didn't let the kids get away with their shouting out, their walking around, their not paying attention, their constant chatter, and fighting with each other.

But, I was exhausted at the end of the day, and wondered how a teacher could take the constant barrage day after day -- especially when admin. exacted no standard of excellence from these students: politically correct multiculturalism run amok. We will rue the day ...

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