Saturday, August 28, 2010

Watch Restoring Honour live

Apparently large crowds are attending the Glen Beck Restoring Honour event in Washington DC. Don't always agree with Beck, but he is a great show man. I expect the event will be quite inspiring. sarah Palin will also be speaking. The msm is frightened.


Anonymous said...

Apparently a success and no doubt about that. The Red Star ran an article saying 10s of thousands but should say 100s instead, what else is new? (real conservative)

been around the block said...

Great speech by Sarah Palin. Without once mentioning Obama's name, everything about her speech was a counterpoint to his agenda.

There's hope for the U.S.A. yet!

God bless America!

Kunoichi said...

The leftists I know have had a predictable response. They're ignoring the event completely (in fact, as I go through my news sites, there's a surprising lack of coverage), but they're sharing a new image among themselves. One of those mock "motivational posters." This one's a 2-fer. Bush Derangement Syndrome and the race card, rolled into one. It's got a photo of Bush saying "I f*** you all, but thanks for blaming the black guy."

Funny... they're always going on about how the Tea Partiers and Republicans are so racist, but they're the ones always bringing up Obama's race.

Anonymous said...

Can't remember if it was ABC news or CNN, but their video of Palin's speech at the rally showed half or all of her face blocked by a man with a camera standing in front of their cameraman. They wouldn't show such a video of Obama for sure.

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