Friday, August 20, 2010

The US Midterms

As the midterms near things look worse and worse for the dems. Even the Senate might be >at play. The GOP is very likely to take the house. dems are even courting old people now. More from Dick Morris. Indeed president Bush is making a comeback. The dems do have more money and the RNC seems very disorganized, but I still think there will be a GOP house and a much narrower majority in the senate. It should be fun to watch. Look at the house list of vulnerable dems .

It may seem odd for someone who recently warned conservatives of overconfidence to predict that the November elections may well produce a landslide unprecedented in the lifetime of many Americans. But the indicators of just such a tsunami seem to grow bigger and more persistent each day. Polling data differs depending upon which organization is conducting the poll. So it is no surprise that job approval for Obama is at one level in one poll and at another level in a rival poll. The trend lines of all polls, however, agree: Obama seems in free fall. Democrats who unwisely tied their political fortunes to this latest incarnation of the tired, old mantra of "change and hope" now find themselves in the backseat of a fast car driven by reckless a teenager.

The current generic congressional ballots, as well as the slower changing party identification polls, now favor Republicans and the advantage seems to grow bigger every day. Compounding that problem is the "enthusiasm gap" which has Democrats at the low end and Republicans at the high end, liberals at the low end and conservatives at the high end, which suggests that the vote on election day will be larger -- perhaps much larger -- than the six point difference which currently separates the parties.

Obama these days appears less like a smooth political operator and more like a tone deaf radical leftist who honestly does not understand why not opposing the construction of a mosque at Ground Zero offends such a large majority of Americans. When the pundits he listens to echo his surrealistic "tolerance" of Moslems intent upon destroying the moral foundations of our nation, Democrat candidates outside leftist hothouse constituencies of San Francisco or Vermont can only cringe. Everything Obama does, everything his wife does, seems to show Americans more starkly how their vision of a Joyful Obaman Presidency differs from the reality of this disciple of Alinksy in power.

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Anonymous said...

Obama's much vaunted 'white vote' is collapsing rapidly. The 'black vote' is also in question in some quarters because Obama hasn't been delivering the good times expected to many of those voters. The only crowd Obama is making happy is the latino vote and of course rich democrats but they ain't many votes when you add them up. (real conservative)

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