Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Tories Gather in Montreal

                                                      Luca Manfredi                              Jess Weiser      Marc Olivier Fortin

I attended a great event in Montreal with HM Minister Of Natural resources and Tory Lieutenant in Quebec. It was nice to see see so many Tories gather at the Bar Saint Sulpice in the heart of Bloc territory as my friend Luca puts it. The place was absolutely packed. There was lots of great political conversation. It was great to see so many friends including Paul Beaudry, Adam Daifallah, Luca Manfredi, Marc Olivier Fortin, Jess Weiser, Richard Yufe, Nick Waldteufel and many others. My friend and candidate in Outremont Rodolphe Husny and our St Leonard candidate Michel Ricardo De lorris were lso in attendance. It is nice to so many of HM Ministers coming to Quebec of late. We Had HM Minister of International Trade Tony Clement a few weeks ago. I am told many more of Hm Ministers will be in Montreal this fall. I hope HM PM Harper will also be coming to address the Tory faithful in Quebec very soon. We need to increase our visibility in Quebec. We need to go into the separatist heartland and challenge the ideas of our opponents and show that they should vote Tory.


Anonymous said...

We need to help the Québécois understand that the path to more “maitre chez nous’ lies through the Conservatives not the Bloc. Canada is growing and its regions need to take on more accountability, only Conservatives will go down that path. The Bloc has done nothing for the Quebecois and the Liberal/NDP progressives will centralize more funding and power in Ottawa to bribe their friends.

Hopefully the Quebecor Sun News TV can start the process of explaining the needed game change to Québécois.


Anonymous said...

The bloc has taken care of itself and its friends but is that enough? (real conservative)

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