Sunday, August 01, 2010

Too much English?

State regulation of education leads to all kinds of stupidity. This school in Quebec which everyone says turns out excellent bilingual students, was to have been closed. One of the reasons? Teaching too much English. the state apparatus has gone wild in uebec. In edeucation it demands your children take a course on religion that many object to. It tells you if your kids can study in English or French. I note the drop out rate in Quebec is very high. Quebec needs less regulation and less state control of education.

A private Laval elementary school has been offered a deal to remain open - after being told last week it would have to close for not following provincial regulations.

Academie Lavalloise will be open for its 300 students again this year.

Laval's five Liberal MNA's, including Education Minister Michelle Courchesne, worked up a plan and will meet tomorrow to finalize it.

There will be increased government oversight - but not trusteeship.

The school administrators had been told they would have to close because several regulations were not followed, including guidelines for the teachng of English.

The school taught more English than is allowed, and introduced English in pre-school instead of Grade One.


Frances said...

Obviously, the elites in Quebec want to limit the number of truly bilingual Quebecois to those of their own class, thereby ensuring their continuing control of society.

Peter L said...

Anywhere else in Canada this would lead to a Human Rights Tribunal or the Supreme Court. In Quebec it's page 9 news. So much for democracy...