Sunday, August 08, 2010

Too many rules

An interesting article on the over reaching of Canadian governments of all stripes. Perhaps we should be brave enough to do nothing.

If a skeptic was to wonder why Canadian authorities seem to respond to every tragedy by proposing intrusive new rules that can have impacts far beyond the problems they purport to be addressing, Frank Furedi has the answer: Canada has a cultural "addiction to rule-making."

It is a world leader in the "intrusification" of everyday life, says Mr. Furedi, a sociologist who likens the impulse to using rules like religion to bring solace from grief and fear.

"Every time a child dies, somebody will say — either the police or the coroner or a lawyer — that the lessons must be learned," said Mr. Furedi, a professor at the University of Kent and author of The Politics of Fear.

"We cannot just accept that this was a death. We've got to give that death meaning, and the way to give it meaning is to pass a law."

Consider the most recent evidence. A law that came into force this week in Ontario bans drivers younger than 22 from having any alcohol in their system. Another forces employers to provide antiharassment training for their staff and watch for signs of domestic violence.


wilson said...

heh, it seems Harper is NOT destroying Canada's reputation globally, as Iffy insists....

OTTAWA — Once seen as stingy on the world stage, Canada has become one of the most generous donors to the United Nations, pouring hundreds of millions of dollars each year to promote peace, fight child poverty and advance human rights.

Pissedoff said...

And you think giving money you the most corrupt useless bunch of wankers on earth is a good idea.

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