Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tea Party

As someone who prefers gradual steady change, I'm not sure what I think of this. I also would have most definitely been an United Empire Loyalist I am also dubious about this name for Canada. i do however support the ideas of less taxes, more freedom and smaller government. I also like the idea of returning to our original constitutional principle as laid out in the BNA act. In Canada freedom wears a Crown. I also want to support my friend Andrew lawton.

Andrew Lawton wants to bring that spirit to Canada.

Lawton, a conservative-leaning activist from London, Ont., is one of the organizers behind an online attempt to start a Tea Party movement in Canada.

Starting with a Facebook group, Lawton says there are plans for rallies this fall in Ottawa and Quebec City. Other cities may be added.

There are differences between the two countries Lawton acknowledges but adds the basis of the movement is the same.

“The issues differ but the ideology stays the same. Advocating for smaller government, freedom and letting people live their own lives.”

“One person came up to me recently and said that freedom is an American value,” said Lawton. “That’s not true. It’s an attitude I want to change.”

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Anonymous said...

Conservatism in Canada is more pro-establishment in that it is largely concerned with conserving our heritage and institutions. Financial prudence is just a small part of the ideology here. On the other hand "conservatism" America is rather un-conservatively radical and rabidly anti-establishment. It would be more accurately described as neo-liberalism or libertarianism since the Tea Party movement has been essentially silent on issues outside of economics.

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