Monday, August 16, 2010

The rising sea?

No wonder all gore keeps buying property by the sea. Even he doesn't believe his own nonsense.

Latest Scientific Paper: Physical Measurements Determine Seas Rising At Only 6 Inches Per Century Rate

Read here. As multiple studies have found before, the scientific sea level observations contradict the predictions of the likes of Al Gore and James Hansen. The accelerating sea level claim is at this point a pure fantasy concocted to fool the low IQ of MSM-types and Hollywood celebrities

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Jen said...

His mansion smack dam on the ocean front to watch the water rise to cover his mansion tells you two things: either he is stupid as pointed several times the oceans will rise) or he knows full well that what he said is a hoax to scare the live out of you.

BTW Roy, guess who live near the coast in Vancouver- Elizabeth May, now why is that- again- as Gore, it is a hoax.

Normally when something is dangerous or considered to be or could be of danger- like the OCEAN RISING for instance, you or Gore or any sensible person to 'higher ground.'

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