Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rex Murphy on the seal hunt

I am always amused that some people want to save some cute animals and don't worry about eating other cute animals. The seal hunt has ahd a lot of negative press, but it seems someone in Europe has made the right decision, at least for now.

Rex Murphy: A winning streak for international ignorance


Rex Murphy August 21, 2010 – 8:27 am

REUTERS/Paul Darrow

Thanks mainly to the determination and energy of some of Canada’s Inuit leaders, the European Court of Justice has suspended the European ban on seal products until further notice. National Inuit leader Mary Simon quite naturally welcomed the ruling, but emphasized in a statement that it is not a full win, just a stop “to the implementation of the ban” as scheduled.

Nonetheless advocates for the seal hunt, aboriginal or otherwise, will welcome whatever victories — however partial or temporary — they get. In every other venue and in every other forum the seal hunters have been losing for years.

Activists and urban animal rights groups, abetted by a bevy of high-bosomed B-actressess, have raged against the seal hunt — particularly the one of the East Coast of Newfoundland — for nearly half a century. Yes it’s been that long. With their relentless messaging and hype, they have fixed the image of this great and worthy venture in a dark and mean light, and left it beyond repair. In the salons of Los Angeles, London and Paris the seal hunt is a synonym for barbarity, and the peasants who prosecute the hunt are sadists and savages. It is a “blood sport” for cruel and careless man, unbecoming of our “sensitive” age. The tide of activist description has overwhelmed the reality of the hunt and — more poignantly — the great story of its history.

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Jarrett said...

What irritates me most about the EU's position here is that

a) they claim elsewhere to fully respect Native rights (and yet this seal hunt position has no safety valve to ensure that Native hunters get some kind of special consideration - heck, a good deal of seal hunters are Native); and

b) The EU lets its own citizens kill seals for no reason other than they might interfere with fish stocks.

Ah, Europe.

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