Wednesday, August 18, 2010

red star reports on the persecution of the Jaworskis

More on my post from yesterday in of all places the red star. The ridiculous actions of minor officialdom are exposed for all the world to see. Perhaps they will stop further embarrassment by withdrawing all charges. Keep emailing the mayor and council. Let them know you think this ridiculous.

What price liberty? Up to $50K

Published On Tue Aug 17 2010

David Rider Urban Affairs Bureau Chief

The municipality of Clarington is clamping down on a studious celebration of Canadian liberties, charging its rural hosts with a zoning offence carrying a hefty fine.

“The irony isn’t lost on me,” said Peter Jaworski whose parents, Marta and Lech, have been charged under a bylaw for letting him hold — for the tenth time — the annual Liberty Summer Seminar on their 16 hectare spread east of Oshawa.

“It’s an outrage that we’re hosting an event celebrating the freedoms we have in Canada, that we didn’t have in (communist) Poland from which my family fled, and the municipality decides to stomp down on my parents,” Jaworski said.

“I feel horrible — they’re facing a possible $50,000 fine ($25,000 each),” at a time when the couple opened a bed-and-breakfast to bolster a struggling business selling books and other items to employees of various companies.


been around the block said...

I've written the mayor and all of the other politicians in this township.

What a pile of garbage.

I have a Czechoslovakian friend who, a few years ago, said to me, "To escape totalitarianism, my family and I left Czechoslovakia with nothing -- for this (what Canada is becoming)?"

What a heart break: to run from the wolf, think you're in a safe sanctuary, only to hear a knocking at the door and on opening it, find ... the wolf.

Anonymous said...

They laughed at me when I said it was European's controling this country and trying to make it socialist, but it takes somebody that knows what it is like by living in that kind of system to really point it out. Keep posting BATB. (real conservative)

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