Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Quebec bureaucracy

Quebec has more bureaucrats per citizen than almost all other Canadian and most American jurisdictions. More bureacrats , more silly rules and regulations. After all they have to justify their existence. The latest is their attempts to close a private school a few weeks before schools reopen. Their crime crimes against petty bureacratic regulations which help no one. Quebec , like Canada needs tmassively cut their bureaucracies. Indeed our bureacrats often make us the laughing stock of the world.They also seem to forget who is in charge, as we have seen at stats Canad. The civil service is supposed to be non partisan and to help the government fukfill their policies. We need less bureaucrats. We need less government. We need less taxes. We need less spending.

Bureaucratic meddling hits new heights

The strange case of the Academie Lavalloise illustrates a number of revealing points about education in Quebec today. Only one of them is about language.

This 300-student elementary school is fully private (fee: $5,150 per year) but parents seem to love it anyway. By all accounts Academie Lavalloise grads frequently get into the best high schools.

The new school year is to begin at 9 a.m. on Aug. 23. So it was a nasty shock for parents to get a letter from the education ministry last week saying the school was no longer accredited. And here's the first point we want to make: That letter wrote a new chapter in the annals of bureaucratic arrogance, not to say stupidity. To leave 300 students homeless, so to speak, with a new school year less than a month away, was a gross injustice to the students and their parents. Education department officials need to remember that they work for the public.

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