Friday, August 06, 2010

the pro terrorist play, the reviews

A review of the pro jihadi play by a daughter of a 9/11 victim. The playwright sounds trite and self absorbed. "The playwright" seems unaware of the fact that the object of her desire bought bomb making supplies or she forgets to mention it. It all sounds like a publicity stunt to get some attention for a fourth rate authour. The reviews by theatre critics are also not good.
frid is one of the leftist in the west who will help the jihadiss cut our throats . She is a naive fool, a dhimmi. Unfortunately there are far too many of her ilk in the west.

I don't care that he had a small cell and worried constantly about his cats.

I don't care that he spent too long in solitary confinement.

All I could think of at the beginning of the play, during a sequence about the time he spent in solitary, was that that's nothing compared to what my dad suffered when he was in the Twin Towers and they filled with smoke.


It's a life sentence for the victims.

You want drama? The 9/11 families have been through hell and back.

Their stories are 50 times more compelling than this dingbat's story.

Somewhere, in his head, bombing Toronto was OK. Even for just a moment.

That is just not something I will side with. Ever.

Frid's script never delivers the answers I was looking for, that's for sure.

And because it doesn't, she doesn't deserve my sympathy either.

Homegrown was not a good show.

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potato said...

We have separation of church and state, why do we not have separation of art and state? Why is my inherent right to freedom of Art or, equivalently, my freedom from Art, being violated by forcing me to associate, through government funding, with all sorts of Artistic endeavours that I disagree with or would never patronize given the freedom to do so? Stop government funding of the Arts. Period.

I Support Lord Black