Friday, August 13, 2010

Press freedom in Quebec?

My friend Eric Duhame has written an excellent piece once again exposing the leftist journalists and their union politics in my home province. Indeed these leftist journalists have been denounced by press freedom activists at Journalists Without Borders. So press freedom in Quebec is only available to people who support the unions and are left wing.

Here’s a question for the journalists in the Press Gallery at Quebec’s National Assembly. For the last few months, Le Journal de Québec has been seeking accreditaion for two of its journalists who cover the debates at the legislature. The Press Gallery is using the pretext of the lockout of employees at Le Journal de Montréal to change its accreditation rules and prevent the two journalists from doing their jobs.

The Press Gallery is an association that includes about 60 journalists from various media organizations. The organization says it will not accredit new members who are employed by a company in a labour dispute.

Since when is it the role of a parliamentary journalistic association to meddle in collective bargaining negotiations between employees and their employer? In whose name is the Press Gallery trampling on freedom of the press and preventing a large portion of the public from having access to information? Even worse, the President of the National Assembly has placidly acquiesced to this hare-brained decision....

On a happier note, however, the Secretary General of Reporters Without Borders (RWB) in Paris, Jean-François Julliard, wrote last week to the president of the National Assembly to ask that the two excluded journalists receive at least “alternative accreditation.” He even noted that “it would be prejudicial to Quebec’s image, its democracy and to the institution over which you preside to maintain a status quo that breaks with a sacred principle … that of free access to information.”

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Anonymous said...

This is very good news and let’s hope freedom of the press with more dissenting opinion arrives soon in Quebec which is even worse off than the ROC in that regard. It’s interesting that Quebecor is the sponsor of what will hopefully be a TV station that is “fair and balanced” as opposed to progressive and slanted.

In other words it is ironic that although many of us are guilty of Quebec bashing, that is where the battles are fought with the Supreme Court on the right to timely Health Care and now with Quebecor’s new concept of TV News we’ll hopefully have news that a conservative can watch without defibrillators at the ready.


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