Sunday, August 29, 2010

pathetic pro mann protest

dr mann better worry, that the "protest" in his favour on Aug 20, 2010 was four people. I can arrange a bigger luncheon on 2 hours notice. This on a university campus. The organizer makes some excuse, but the real reason is the chicken littles are rapidly being exposed.

So said Ryan McElveen. The 2008 UVA graduate had been hoping that at least 50 people would appear for the protest he launched with some emails and flyers. He chose Friday, August 20, because that was the day that a judge, just a mile away, was hearing arguments on whether Cuccinelli’s inquest could move forward. Turns out that’s also the eve of move-in for the fall semester at UVA.
“Bad timing,” McElveen admitted as just two students and two professors rallied with him on the marble steps of the UVA Rotunda.

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