Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oz Election

At the national Town hall in Oz. The crowd was openly hostile to gillard. They asked why the cabal ousted rudd. The crowd cheered Tony Abbott, hopefully HM's next Australia PM. Only 9 days to go.

‘The Cabal’

“You and the cabal inside the Labor Party got rid of the prime minister we voted for with a popular vote,” one man who did not give his name but roused applause told Gillard. “Is that an undermining of democracy in Australia?”

Gillard listed Rudd’s shortcomings such as failing to fairly draft a tax to distribute mineral wealth in the world’s biggest shipper of coal and iron ore and to address climate change.

Australia’s first female leader promised improved health care, schools and transport spending and said she was “determined to pass” her government’s climate laws. The laws seek to reduce greenhouse gases by 5 percent through an emissions trading program and a focus on renewable energy.

“How can we honestly trust you and the Labor government to keep its promises when you have broken so many promises in your first term?” another man asked. “Can I get a promise from you that you won’t break any more promises?”

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Anonymous said...

Gillard is a dyke and an experiment by the Auzzie elite socialists. Depending on who you ask, she is either a witch, or a communist atheist who wants to dump the crown. I hope the Auzzie's are smart enough to see through this cynical shell game played by their elites on them. Australia has been well served in past by conservative governments so I think it is time once again. (real conservative)

I Support Lord Black