Thursday, August 19, 2010

One Can only Hope

Larry is hysterical that Luc Lavoie may head up the crtc. I would prefer the abolition of the crtc, but taking it over is not a bad idea. Even larry admits that Mr. Lavoie is capable. So what's the problem? Oh, he may approve the SUNTV news application. Horrors. larry is very afraid. Good.

Observers of Mr. Harper have long noted that he doesn’t take kindly to commissions or agencies or anyone else who tends to get in the way of his wishes. It’s only necessary to look at what happened at, among others, Rights and Democracy, Elections Canada, the Nuclear Safety Commission and Parliament.

So the question naturally arises: Do the CRTC board members actually think they can get away with delaying or denying Mr. Harper’s wishes on Fox News North? Do they really believe they have some kind of independent power?

The CRTC chair is Konrad von Finckenstein, and his term doesn’t end until 2012. But insiders report that Mr. Harper now wants him out well before that date and replaced by a rubber stamper. The independently minded Mr. von Finckenstein, who did not respond to queries on the matter, is reportedly being offered judgeships and ambassadorships, one post being Chile. So far, he’s not biting. But the bait might get bigger.

In addition, CRTC vice-chair Michel Arpin is being ushered out the door. His term expires at the end of the month; he’d like to stay on, but his request is not being granted.

Names being floated as a replacement for either the chair or vice-chair include none other than Mr. Péladeau’s long-time right-hand man, Luc Lavoie. Mr. Lavoie is a competent fellow but, given his Péladeau ties, the idea sounds far-fetched, positively galling. But, then again, when has galling ever stopped Stephen Harper?

Replacing the CRTC’s chair and vice-chair would pretty well seal the deal for Mr. Harper and Mr. Péladeau. Mr. Teneycke has said all along that the new station would be up and running by the start of 2011 with a Category 1 licence, meaning cable companies would be required to offer it as part of a package.


frmgrl said...

I think you could be right, Dr.Roy. I believe Larry along with others in the left wing media are deathly afraid of the new SunTV channel. Sounds good to me. If they are afraid says something is right.

been around the block said...

So, Lawrence Martin writes, "Observers of Mr. Harper have long noted that he doesn’t take kindly to commissions or agencies or anyone else who tends to get in the way of his wishes" -- which also happen, in many cases, to be the wishes of "the average Canadian," not a species of whom, I believe, Mr. Martin has made the acquaintance.

What an utterly daft and needless statement about Prime Minister Harper (though trust Larry Martin to make it). Substitute Mr. Harper with Mr. Martin, Mr. Chretien, Mr. Trudeau, or any world leader, and I suspect it wouldn't change the veracity of the observation.


I can't remember when Lawrence serpent-face Martin said anything positive about our present prime minister. I'm delighted that Martin's nose is out of joint about this appointment and I'd be even more delighted if Prime Minister Harper does "move against the CRTC," another unnecessary encumbrance the Liberal$ have placed on Canadians' freedoms to hear and watch a diversity of media. All the better, my dear Mr. Martin, to expose the Libtard agenda of the past 40 years.

And, as for Mr. Martin's question about Kory Teneycke's becoming the head of Sun Media’s political coverage -- "What, one wonders, will our journalism schools be telling their students about that?" -- really, who cares? Our journalism schools and their alumni are a big part of the media deficit here in Canada, the media deficit that Sun Media is attempting to correct, along with clipping the wings of the out-of-control, left-lib leaning monopoly the CRTC has had on Canadian broadcasting.

Faster, please!

As for Mr. Lavoie's "Péladeau ties," I have just one question for Larry Martin: When did you ever question the Desmarais Family/Power Corporation ties to the Liberal Party of Canada?

Hmmm ... I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the counter at G&M comments-section works, and sometimes it takes a second or third attempt to get the counter to move up one.

Surprise! Surprise today! The counter will NOT adjust unless the opposite choice was made.

So, do not believe the numbers in the comment section today....the whole process is messed up.

That said.....the CRTC could be boxed up, and that would be fine by me.

But, any time Lawrence Martin gets his nickers in a knot is a good thing, so the choices he suggests might happen, works for me. LOL

Anonymous said...

I thought it was the duly elected government that sets policy in this country - not the bureaucrats. Silly me!

It is the job of the bureaucrats to implement government policy. If they oppose the policy they have every right to voice their opposition in private. If they can't get the policy changed they have the option to resign. Today it seems that the bureaucrats have forgotten their role; they seem to believe it is they who set the agenda and, in most cases, that seems to be the Liberal agenda. The Liberals appear to be using the bureaucrats, many of them Liberal appointees, as the opposition to the government instead of performing the role they are supposed to in a democracy.

wilson said...

Our Libluvin media is now resorting to making things up that might happen in the future!

Today it was Martha's turn to hold a presser and say stupid things.

Meanwhile, this government announced another policy change:

Nannies, foreign workers face new rules
Updated regulations aimed at protecting workers from exploitation

Read more:

Anonymous said...

Liberals have operated this way for decades, replacing people that ideologically didn't jell with them. Nothing new here, so why is it a big problem with Harper? We know why, because Canada is only a Liberal country according to the media here. (real conservative)

Jen said...

For many years the media has operated from a glass house-now that they are seeing their windows slowly or quickly being shattered; they are feeling the wind of fury(us) from the outside.

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